Cleveland Botanical Garden

Hi everyone! I had the privilege of visiting a botanical garden in Cleveland, OH. For those of you who do not know, I live in Ohio and the garden was only a half an hour drive for me. I went with family and friends as we explored orchids, greenhouses, and learned some fun facts about gardening!

If you love gardens and nature, I definetly recommend visiting this garden. You will be blown away by the beauty of nature while learning new facts! For me personally, I am not much of a gardener, but I enjoyed seeing the flowers.

The botanical garden is composed of indoor plants, greenhouses, a gift shop, outdoor gardens, and a small number of animals. Since I visited during the winter, there was not a garden outside but you could see the names of the plants and their location. They even had a playground for children where they are surrounded by nature and plants.

As I was admiring the flowers, I kept thinking about how awesome God is! Some flowers are very detailed in color while others have their own unique beauty. God has indeed made everything beautiful, and creation alone is proof of this.

While on my visit, I also learned the significance of a flower’s color in nature. Below are some cool facts I learned:

  • Bees have ultraviolet light vision which means purple and blue stand out to them. Since they are the world’s biggest pollinators, it is important that they are pollinating plants, or the plants will die.
  • Birds and butterflies are attracted to pink flowers because of the fruit they produce. This includes berries and crabapples.
  • Yellow flowers give off a scent of rotten fruit. This attracts flies and insects such as wasps, beetles, and gnats.
  • Often times, you will see a hummingbird nearby red or orange flowers. This is due to the nectar they produce and hummingbirds need it for energy.
  • White flowers stand out at night due to the moon. At night, they will release a strong smell which attracts nocturnal insects such as moths.

Bringing all this together, we can see that God is mindful of every bird and insect in His creation. Only God could have thought of every detail to make sure plants, insects, and birds are taken care of. If God can take care of His creation, how much more will He take care of us? He desires to have a close relationship but we have to have the desire to do so.

If you seek the Lord today, you will find Him. He is never too far away to hear the cry of your heart. God loves you and will not forsake you when you need Him.

I loved seeing the flowers and the importance they have in nature. I would definitely recommend visiting this place! This visit has made me appreciate nature and I got to learn how God has uniquely created these flowers and plants for a specific purpose.

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