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With God, Nothing is Impossible

We all have probably heard of the verse “…With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). When we think of this verse, what does it mean to us personally? Do we know that God can do all things and nothing is truly impossible with Him? Maybe we do know this truth but we need to be reminded of it when a trial comes. The same God that we read in His Word is still the same God because He never changes. Let us dive deeper into the meaning of this verse and what it can mean for us today!

When we think of the Lord and what He did in the beginning, we know that He created the world and everything in it. All He had to do was speak it into existence and it came to pass. As a result, the heavens, earth, light, darkness, animals, stars, etc. were created which we now see today. In fact, when we read through the Bible, there were many things that the Lord just had to speak and it came to pass. Why? Psalms 24:1 tells us “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.” In other words, the Lord has the authority and the dominion to speak a word and it will come to pass.

When we relate this to our life, the same concept applies. If God can command the earth and it obeys, then nothing is too hard for Him when it comes to our life. The same God that created everything can work miracles in our life! However, this is all dependent on how strong we are in our faith. If we come to God believing that He can do all things, He will hear and answer us (Mark 11:24). If we do not believe what we have prayed for, we should not expect an answer from the Lord (James 1: 6-7). We serve a God that can turn a situation around anytime, provide an instant healing, can forgive us and make us a heir in His Kingdom, and can repair anything that is broken.

Even though He can do all things, He also has a plan for our life. We have our plans but God has a plan too. We can live life the way we want and achieve everything but what does it profit us in the end? We have our satisfaction and reward but not the approval of the Lord. We will even lose our soul in the process because we are not seeking the Lord but our desires instead. Jesus illustrated this concept in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. We are all given gifts from the Lord but we choose on whether to use it for Him or not. The servant who had only one talent did not use his talent for the Lord and as a result, his soul was lost. However, if we live life according to what God has planned, God’s favor will be upon us and we will have achieved what is important in this life that will affect our eternity. Such was the case for the other two servants who used their talents for God’s Kingdom.

As mentioned, God can do anything when we call out to Him. However, we have to also know the motive of why we are asking a certain request. Is it to fulfill a personal desire such as riches or to see if something aligns with His Will? If we do not have a right intention, He will not hear our prayer. James 4:3 states “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.” So what do we do if we have a desire in our life? We take it to the Lord in prayer. We should come to Him with a humble and submissive heart and present our request. Once we do, we leave it in the hands of the Lord. If the Lord intends for it to happen, He will make it happen and nothing will hinder it! However, if He does not intend for it to happen, He will reveal it to you when you ask earnestly. If we hear a no from the Lord, we must believe that He has something better in store and that He works out everything for our good.

In our discussion, we have learned that nothing is impossible with God. If we come to God with a request, He can fulfill that request! However, we need to come believing that He will answer us whether it is a yes or a no. Either answer will show that God has our best intentions and He knows what He is doing. As discussed in previous posts, we have to become so confident in God’s plan that even if He says no, we will still love and serve Him faithfully. God can change anything at anytime if He intends for it to happen. We also need to build up our faith continually so that we will never doubt God and His Word. Such doubt can hinder God from working because we do not believe His Word. Let us learn to trust God with all of our heart whether it is an answer to a prayer or He leads us on a path that is according to His Will.

Thought for the week: What does Matthew 19:26 mean to you personally? Have you had instances where God has done the impossible in your life?

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